In conjunction with Jade Dental Lab, Merrimac Dental Laboratory is proud to offer the All-on-X treatment, which uses as few as four implants to support and immediately loaded full-arch prosthesis. This is a cost-effective and graftless solution that is excellent for those patients who no longer have enough bone to support a traditional implant solution. This innovative treatment works through the angulation of implants and makes the most of the available bone. The All-on-X treatment allows for a profile denture to be immediately loaded after the surgery, leading to a quick improvement of your patient’s quality of life.

Our team also offers a high-quality profile denture, which serves as an immediate or provisional solution. A profile denture is commonly paired with the All-on-X treatment. It provides a lifelike smile and protects the sensitive, healing area while the implants osseointegrate.

For more information about the All-on-X product, call Paul at Jade Dental Lab at 630-232-1050.


  • Graftless
  • Immediate Loading
  • Utilizes Angled Abutments
  • Uses as Few as Four Implants