The profile denture from Merrimac Dental Laboratory serves as an immediate or provisional solution. Patient satisfaction is vital to the success of your practice. Giving patients a temporary denture that provides comfort, function, and a lifelike smile, can go far when dealing with a lengthy treatment plan.

A profile denture is commonly paired with the All-on-X treatment. It ensures a patient’s confidence is not injured during the healing process by providing a lifelike smile. In addition to esthetics, the profile denture also protects the sensitive, healing area while the implants osseointegrate and prepare for the placement of the final, long-term prosthetic. The profile denture is able to be immediately loaded right after implant surgery has finished, so your patient never has to go without a smile.


  • Short-Term Solution
  • Pairs with All-on-X Treatment
  • Immediately Loading
  • Lifelike Esthetics